“Charley never went in the open kennel on her own before. Now with your beautiful covering, she goes in by herself many times a day. I come home to find her happy and chilling in her new home.”
– Kelly R., New Iberia, LA

Rosie enjoying her crate.

“After 2 years without dogs, we decided to adopt a puppy this summer.  It has been 15 years since we had a puppy in the house, and a lot has changed over that time.  But we used crates to train our previous puppies and knew that we wanted to use a crate again to help teach the new puppy housebreaking, to keep him safe when we had to leave the house, and to provide a cozy bed for him. However, we did not have an out-of-the-way spot to keep a crate, and were dreading having a crate in the middle of our family room. Then we found this fantastic furniture system by Crate Couture™! It allows us to have Champ’s bed close by, yet tucked into a functional and beautiful end table!  And in a busy house like ours, it was important that Champ have his own personal space. Now that he is a little bigger, Champ appreciates being able to dive under the table cover into his crate and enjoy some quiet time. Crate Couture™ has given us the perfect solution!”
– Eileen H., Atlanta, GA

“We LOVE our custom crate by Crate Couture™! I was so tired of looking at the crate in the middle of the family room and having to hide it in another room when we had visitors. It is SO nice to be able to conceal the crate in the end table, and we love the custom made skirted table cover… our dog, Winston does, too! He can get away from the noise, and it’s his own little private space. I highly recommend these crates for all living spaces.”
– Kim W., Atlanta, GA