Crate Training…Why Bother?

Most veterinarians agree that crate training is the preferred method for house-breaking your dog. It is also a wonderful retreat for the animal because it is cozy, familiar and gives them a sense of security. Benefits of crate training include:

  • Housebreaking a puppy
  • Providing a quiet space for retreat
  • Safe and comfortable bed for sleeping
  • Deterrent to behavioral problems such as separation anxiety
  • A way to confine your pup when necessary.

Do you enjoy retreating to your cozy bedroom at the end of a long day? Of course you do! Offering a comfortable and secure bed for your dog gives him the same sense of peace, calm, and zen that you enjoy at night. Dogs have a natural denning instinct, so they take to crate training easily and can enjoy life-long benefits of having a safe, enclosed quarters to call their own.

Being that dogs love their den, crates are instrumental in teaching housebreaking. Dogs do not want to soil their bed, so you can teach a young puppy to wait until it is brought outside to use the bathroom. Even beyond housebreaking, the dog will enjoy sleeping in its crate at night and having a quiet retreat when needed during the day.

And for some breeds of dogs, especially small and toy breeds, separation anxiety is quite common. Crate training can be very effective in minimizing this disorder by establishing leadership, boundaries, and routine, all of which provide great comfort to dogs. They thrive when they know who is in charge and they can predict the order of things.

One last note, a crate should never be used for punishment. It is meant to be a happy place where your dog associates food, toys, treats, comfort, and rest. You will set yourself back in your crate training and really confuse your dog if you try to punish them by placing them in a “time out” in their den. Nevertheless, having a dog who is comfortable in his crate can be a blessing when you have a house guest who is afraid of a dog, or a glass breaks on the floor and you want to put the dog in a safe place while you clean up. Occasionally placing your dog in his crate with a treat or toy when you need him out of the way for some reason will not stress your pet if his crate is his happy place.

Therefore, crate training is a wonderful way to raise a puppy and live in harmony with your canine companions. The Crate Couture™ system provides the best of all worlds – a cozy den for dogs which fits aesthetically into a human den. The crate comes with a divider panel, which means you can make it as small as you need to for even the tiniest puppy, and gradually move the panel back as he grows. The Up-and-Away Door on the crate and Easy-Open Panels in the Skirted Table Cover allow your pup to access his bed all day long. And the Gliding Drawer gives you the flexibility to extend the crate out for cleaning and optimum air circulation while your pet sleeps at night. Lastly, the Skirted Table Cover is machine-washable for any puppy messes.

Make it fun – dress your crate to the nines with Crate Couture™!